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The Nexus Sages: Welcome to the Nexus Brochure

The "Welcome to the Nexus" Brochure

Hello Newcomer, and Welcome to the Nexus!

You may have arrived here by seemingly dying, falling through a crack in reality, or simply walking out your front door. Whatever it is, feel free to stay awhile, put your feet up. Join us in The Forum and ask questions; we're sure there's something rattling around in that noggin of yours waiting to be voiced. If not, feel free to jump into random conversations and answer their questions before asking your own; you'll find that denizens of this realm are generally pretty friendly. Generally. Or explore the surrounding areas. Just remember that management is not responsible for your personal, physical, emotional, temporal, or ecumenical safety at any time.

This is a Multiversal Junction, and therefore there's a theoretically infinite number of universes connected to it. Some are like yours, some aren't. You can get anywhere and anywhen from here, if you know the path. Time and space are relative and kinda squishy.

This said, it's easy to get lost. Please keep track of your own portal, because lots of people get stuck here and it's really hard to figure out how to get them home. If you require housing, ask, and it will generally be provided. Somewhere.

You might someday run into someone here you've read about in stories or seen in a movie. Conversely, you're fiction to someone else here. It happens a lot. You will probably also run into at least three alternates of yourself; one of whom will either be evil, a gender switch, or a chibi. Possibly all three.

Similarly, you may meet someone who seems familiar, but who isn't quite the person you knew. Be prepared for differences in what they remember of "the past", or what they don't know yet about your life. Their world may have taken a different path from yours, and you'd do well to be prepared.

There's an antiviolence field. You cannot be physically harmed unless all parties involved agree to it. Magic is a different story however, sometimes; there are often unintended side-effects to innocent-seeming actions (see "LOLs", below). Always be careful.

Don't eat or drink anything here unless you trust the person who gave it to you. Food and drink (and most free gifts of any kind) here tend to do what we call an LOL: it might turn you purple. Or into a girl. Or into a baby, or an animal, or put you in someone else's body. These effects are generally temporary. If in doubt: let someone else play guinea pig for you.