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The Nexus Sages: Rules

The Rules

0. First and foremost, we're all here to have fun, guys. Meet new people, spin out elaborate Personal Storylines, but most important of all, enjoy yourselves. If something isn't working for you, move along to a new thread. We're sure you'll find something that fits.

1. Obey Dreamwidth's TOS, first and foremost. Anyone posting to this community must be fifteen years of age or above. The mods will accept anyone joining the comm as of age, if it is brought to our attention that you are not however, you will be immediately removed.

2. Absolutely no flaming or insulting allowed out of character here. Doing so will get you banned. Example: criticizing in a thread or post while OOC someone's style of role playing, their character, or anything that they have done. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged of course, but if you have some feedback for a player you should contact them directly instead of calling them out in community. In character dialogue that is snarky is, of course, allowed. Comments under an original post that violates community rules are allowed, as long as they are kept polite. Journals made with the clear intent to mock, bully, or harass other players in the community will be banned without warning or exception.

3. Photos depicting disturbing subject matter such as human remains or dead animals are not to be posted here. No images of graphic pornography. Images that are rated "R" (i.e., full front nudity) are allowed, but should be placed under a cut, appropriately labeled with a warning as not suitable for minors. This is an all ages community.

4. No questions or content positing rape, bestiality, incest, molestation, animal abuse, animal murder for enjoyment or trivial reasons, child abuse, and child murder as a desireable or proposed outcome of a given situation. If you want to play that sort of thing, no judgement, but take it to your private journals please.

5. Similarly to the rule above, RPing smut is not frowned upon, and characters meeting in the Nexus may naturally have that occur as a consequences of their interactions. Have fun with it, but if your characters are going to start going to town on each other take it to your private journals please.

6. Please hide any large graphics or starting posts over half a page long under a cut. In the case of a post that is too long, you may begin the cut after the first 3-4 sentences so people have a little teaser to hook them.

7. Anyone may join this community, and anyone may post questions or comments at any time. We encourage you to jump in! As many iterations of the same character as you like are allowed, but please be sensitive that some people may not be comfortable playing across duplicates. If you happen to be one of them, please use the community "dupes: no" tag. This does not mean that you get to call dibs on any and all iterations of your character however, it is only to serve as an indication that you are uncomfortable playing them across duplicates of themselves, who are most certainly allowed. 

8. The Moderators reserve the right to delete any comments, threads, or posts that in their judgement are deemed to be fostering out of charater conflict, violate community rules, or violate Dreamwidth's TOS.The e-mail address that should be always used to contact the moderators is SagesMods at gmail dot com.

9. Racist, sexist, ableist, etc. language is allowed under no circumstances. Journal names, character concepts, or OOC comments that mock any group of people will lead to an immediate ban. If you're not sure where to draw the line with a legitimate character concept, please contact [personal profile] varnished_truths; she's the resident expert and will be happy to assist you. If you're not sure whether your behaviour constitutes ban-worthy douchenozzlery, feel free to consult our etiquette coach; [personal profile] stripped_deceptions. He'll be more than happy to whip you into shape. 

10. The Moderators may, at their discretion, warn, suspend or ban players that in their judgement foster out of character conflict, feuding, or who are rude to other players on the community while posting or commenting OOC. We make every effort to have any player disputes resolved amicably and to hear all sides of any conflict that occurs before any action is taken.

11. You may not play a real person, unless that person has been dead for over a hundred years from today's date. Examples: no to playing Lady Gaga, yes to playing Abraham Lincoln. However, if the character is clearly parody, and contains a disclaimer in its userinfo, it will be allowed.

12. Occasionally links to explicitly sexual material may be posted here. Persons posting such are required to clearly label any links to material that is NC-17 rated, such as porn, or other material inappropriate for certain age groups, as being NC-17 and inappropriate for viewing by minors. This is an all-ages group, and we wish to leave it as such. Underage members should not peruse links labeled with a "NC-17" note; by viewing the user info of this community and/or posting to this community in any capacity, you agree to abide by the above rule. Any post or comment that violates this rule may be immediately deleted by a moderator.

13. Swearing both ICly and OOCly (as long as you aren't swearing at people) are perfectly acceptable. As are sexual discussion and references. Please keep it within reasonable limits though, throwing f-words into every sentence may be a bit much. Unless your character canonly swears that much.

14. Spoilers in comments for currently running TV Shows, Comics, Manga, Anime, or recently released movies are under a no-exceptions 1 week ban. This is to avoid, well, spoiling them for the people who haven't seen/read them yet. Some people really hate spoilers guys, and they shouldn't be afraid to play with us for fear of them. If you absolutely must have your character react to their most recent events though, you can set up a post, but please hide the ENTIRE POST under a cut, regardless of its length, and clearly label the cut SPOILER WARNING, so that those who do not wish to be spoiled can give your post a large berth. Cut your spoilers please. Comments containing spoilers in threads that themselves contain spoilers are of course, perfectly acceptable. If you're unsure if what you're about to post constitutes a spoiler, feel free to contact the mods or check with another player.

15. Please be mindful of the IC =/= OOC Barrier at all times. A character reacting negatively to yours does not mean their mun/player is reacting negatively to you as their player. If you feel any animosity, please contact that player in a PM or the Mods who will happily act as mediator to clear things up. Sages is a place for us all to have fun and enjoy playing off each other. Thus we will not tolerate any OOC wank, harrassment, stalking, or other such disturbing behaviours. We like to keep our banhammers hung on the wall, but we aren't afraid to bring them down if needed. Play nice, please.


- Moderating is a discreet occupation, so we'll be using our discretion as needed.

- Having been banned from other games for truly egregious behaviour is ground for being banned here as well.